Tuesday, 23 February 2016


My preferred type of learning when studying is kinaesthetic. This learning style meant that I benefitted from doing practise papers on the ATT website when revising. I also used a lot of trial and error in my work to find the best way to study.

When solving any problems I used my initiative by finding out the areas I was struggling with and just focus on solving them first. I then used the green light testing on the AAT website which helped shown my the areas of study that I shown weakness. With these weakness' I either asked for help, looked up various solutions and worked with others to overcome problems.

When studying I worked with others as well as on my own. I found that other people needed help in some of the same areas I did. We helped each other solve the problems by saying what each of us knew about the subject, This helped us as we had to explain to others the task, as well as listened from another point of view. We mainly used this technique in spreadsheets as everyone had a different level of understanding of the subject. I worked on my own with control accounts by using the ATT website and the green light testing to discover my strengths and weakness'.

The blogs help me keep track of where I am up to, any progress I have made and anything I need to work on. It also helps me recap over what I have learnt and any areas that I need to revise.
I have also been using the ATT website, any practise exams, green light test, notes that the website.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

    Developing study skills


When I started college I identified our preferred way of studying using Vark. I was asked questions about the things I liked to do when studying and revising and discovered I am a kinaesthetic learner. This means I am a hands on type of learner who benefits from trial and error and referring things to life experiences.

When studying I’ve really benefitted from using pass exam papers, going onto the AAT website and using the practice exams on there to see how I will cope in the real exam. This helps me understand how long it may take so I know how long I can spend on each question. It also shows me the type of questions that may be asked, the way they may be worded and how many marks I will get for each question.
One of my strengths is taking my own initiative. When I am unsure about something I will find it out instead of waiting for help. I will always try and figure something out and learn by my mistakes. This helps me remember how to do a task and to not make the same mistakes again.

 My weakness is rushing too much when I am confident in an area and making too many easy mistakes. I can improve this by taking my time when doing my work.

When revising for my computerised accounts, I came to a few problems. With it being a computer based exam, the only way to revise was via college as we couldn’t download sage at home. Doing a practise exam I found that there were a few things we haven’t had time to go through thoroughly as I couldn’t revise at home. We managed to get a bit longer to revise for our exam, making sure we complete the whole paper in an hour with guidance.

When doing a practice paper in bookkeeping when hitting a few tough questions a few of us worked in a team to get through these questions. Each of us said how we would handle the question and listened to each other’s point of view to come up with the easiest way to answer the question. Listening to other people say how they would answer the question really helped understand the question.

Writing a blog really help remember information as we will be writing about what we have learnt. Sometimes when writing about somethings, I find it helpful to go through everything step by step before writing so I gather all the information correctly, and also helps me refresh myself on a certain task.  

Thursday, 12 November 2015

                                                                    swot analysis

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One of my Strength was taking the initiative within the workplace. I don't need to wait for someone to tell me that a job needs to be done and whenever I finished a job I always find something to do. This will be good for when I progress into managing my own business and going into accounting as I will be able to work through jobs and find new jobs to be done as I won't have someone to tell me what to do.


My weakness is making too many mistakes regarding numbers such as getting the working out right but writing in the wrong numbers, and not checking my work. This can cause a lot problems when working within accountancy as making sure that everything is correct is a high priority. I need to work on proof reading, taking my time and checking my working out as I go along so I don't keep making the same errors.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Computerized accounts part 2

At first we had to refer to the BACS remittance advice notes received from the customer and enter the transactions.

We then had to refer the payments made to suppliers and print a remittance advice to accompany the payment.

We then had to refer to the email and imputed the transactions.

Then we had to input the cash sales to ensure we had them on record.

We then had to input a standing order by a recurring entry.